Online Safety


What should we do? 

  • Be good role models
  • Keep e-safety issues high on the agenda
  • Promote sensible behaviours
  • Be aware of the child protection officer at your schools and follow the school guidance
  • Read the e-safety policy for your school

When contacting your learners:

  • Use a school telephone – never your own
  • Use a school registered e-mail address
  • Use the school VLE/Yammer for chats, forums or any other outside school interaction, social or educational

How private is your Facebook or other social networking account? 

  • Check your privacy settings
  • Do you know all of your friends?
  • Are there photos of you online that you might find a little embarrassing?
  • Never be online friends with children you teach
  • DO NOT share your personal views about colleagues, students or parents via your social networking pages - some of your ‘friends’ may not agree with your views and report you!

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